Testimonial from Soňa Vidiečanová, co-founder of Slovak startup Créeme

//Testimonial from Soňa Vidiečanová, co-founder of Slovak startup Créeme

Hi, I am Sona Vidiecanova an entrepreneur and co-owner of Créeme (natural organic undyed lingerie designed according to circular economy).

We opened the Créeme brand because we care about the ethical fashion industry, the planet and the health of the wearer. Also I decided to run a business because I love setting goals and managing my own time; I also love projects that help to make this world  better and heather living place, and our goals 100% organic cotton and the circular economy definitely make.

I think that every meeting (or every information) is well timed when you are ready, it should happened. Before doing business, I tried to read books from Kyiosaki, and my mind did not accept it yet, I understood them after the brand was opened. So, if something does not work at that moment, take your time for your personal development and maybe later it will work and you will understand. 

In elevator pitch in CrossEUWBA project I didn’t afraid to say that some setting is not good at the moment, and audience full of mentors respect my honesty. Also I met great startups and friendship that last after this project. Definitely be open for meetings with mentors who have more experiences, but still trust your own intuition. Always learn more,  go to events in your country or to the EU country, read new books, because the mentor’s advice are useless if you aren’t clever enough to understand information and use it in your business.

Sona Vidiecanova

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