Testimonial from Martyna Zastawna

//Testimonial from Martyna Zastawna

I’m Martyna Zastawna, an enterprenuer, mentor and owner of WoshWosh (innovative start-up company which provides cleaning, renovating, shoemaking services and custom shoes) .

I decided to open my own business, becuse I wanted to do something different than working in a corporation. I like challenges and, of course, shoes. I could tell starting business women to not let anyone push them out of their way. There are always going to be some problems, but don’t let them hold you down.

I think that every meeting teaches you something. Meeting business angels gives you more knowledge, opportunities and advices you can use in your business. Confidence is the most impotant issue. Believing in yourself and in your business idea. When I pitch in front of the potential investors, I stay focused on what I want to say, not on the audience. I feel more confident now and I havelearned how to be concised about my speech.

Do not be afraid to reach for your dreams 🙂

Martyna Zastawna

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