Polish Agency for Enterprise Development – PARP

The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) is a government agency established in 2000 to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

Over the 16 years of its existence the Agency has developed numerous forms of support, including: financing for enterprises, development services, education and information activities as well as actions aimed at enhancing entrepreneurship culture and innovation in Poland.

Over the years, PARP has become a forerunner in creating new support areas and developing various ways of assistance (financing, education, promotion).

The activity of PARP is focused on 5 areas:

  • development of enterprises and entrepreneurship by supporting the development of new ideas and business models,
  • innovation of enterprises by initiating and comprehensively supporting the activity of enterprises in this area,
  • international expansion of enterprises by supporting entreprises representing the SME sector in their international expansion,
  • cooperation of businesses and business environment, i.e. by establishing links and supporting cooperation of enterprises and their environment,
  • creation of friendly and innovative administration by helping to shape innovative government policy and by developing and promoting innovative solutions in the public sector.

For 2014 – 2020, PARP has prepared several new tools supporting start-ups, i.e. emerging business ventures of innovative companies, including: 4 Stock and so-called Starting Platforms for new ideas.

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