“The idea for Mablo came from realizing how difficult it is to find and buy furniture. In the era of the internet, product offers have been transferred online yet what was left behind were salespersons with expert knowledge. This is a gap Mablo fills with a digital chatbot-salesperson.

As a founder, I had to face many challenges. First and most important one – building the right team. Another important step was to get out of our comfort zone and show our not-perfect-MVP to potential customers and partners.

The next challenge will be receiving the next funding round, therefore the possibility to participate in CROSSEUWBA meant a lot to us. The pitch training, as well as the presentation in front of business angels, brought us a big step forward. “

Joanna Czarnecka, CEO and Founder of Mablo (https://mablo.net/)
For more information contact: http://www.crosseuwba.eu/

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