“We are Viktoria and Rebecca and we’ve founded Sportaholix in 2016. Located in Berlin, we have made a good choice as women, because Berlin is very open-minded. However, we also had to experience that our product is mostly paid less attention than the fact that we are female founders. This seems to be interesting only because of the quota. That’s a pity, because we want sportaholix to convince.

With CrossEUWBA we have found a strong network that strengthens women’s back and promotes valuable connections in the economy and to potential partners. If the product convinced.

What are we doing exactly?
sportaholix is a B2B platform for the fitness vertical. Specifically, it is a web-based software that allows companies to automate their booking and billing workflows with trainers. sportaholix candidate are mostly freelancers that match the requirements of defined timeslots. The system accelerates the process of recruiting staff for recurring events or short term replacements for classes in gyms and clubs as well as accounting tasks on the freelancers side.”

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