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Looking for an investment opportunity? Consider CrossEUWBA Women Entrepreneur Joanna Czarnecka, CEO and Founder of Mablo!

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"The idea for Mablo came from realizing how difficult it is to find and buy furniture. In the era of the internet, product offers have been transferred online yet what was left behind were salespersons [...]

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Train the trainer

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Watch all the videos from "Train the trainer" meeting Training Session: Business Angels Network Management Trainer: SZYMON KURZYCA Training Session: Business Angel Investment Process Trainer: SZYMON KURZYCA Training Session: Evaluation of Investment projects Trainer: [...]

October 2017

Angel investment terms Glossary

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A Accelerator: Privately or publicly funded initiatives supporting startups for a predetermined period of time. Accelerators attempt to “fuel” the development process of companies. Their assistance is typically restricted to a few months and generally [...]

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